My Endless Summer 俺のエンドレスサマー

Travel Movie 旅ムービーを作ってみた

It’s been 3 weeks since I came back to Japan. I managed to create a few clips as follows. Time Flies, I can not believe that I was in those places a month ago.


My Endless Summer Lembongan Small Wave fun Session at Lembongan. No perfect wave, no perfect surf, but perfect fun.

My Endless Summer Lembongan from Toyo Hirashima on Vimeo.


My Endless Summer Central America wild central america surf trip.

My Endless Summer Central America from Toyo Hirashima on Vimeo.

下記のスリランカについてのムービーはテスト的にiPhone iMovieだけで作成しましたが、とても簡単に作成できて驚きました。インスタグラムに15秒の動画とかをあげるなら今後スマホだけで十分編集できちゃいますね。

I created this Sri Lanka clip as pilot film which made all by iPhone iMovie. I am surprised to see how easy it is to create 5 minute clip like this. I do NOT need MAC anymore to create movies for Instagram. It took less than 2 hours to create this.

Europe Chapter is coming soon. I will also write a blog about how to create copy right free video.

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