My Endless Summer 俺のエンドレスサマー

My Surf Video

My Endless Summer Lembongan. You’d better watch HD Version if you can. No perfect wave, no perfect surf but perfect fun.



My Endless Summer Lembongan

Youtube Link
My Endless Summer Central America. Wild Surf in Central America. I was the only Japanese surfer during 5 month trip in Central America.



My Endless Summer Central America

YouTube Link  This Video may be blocked in some countries due to copy rights issue. 著作権の関係でオーストラリア等いくつかの国ではこのビデオはYouTubeでは見れないかもしれません。

My Endless Summer Europe 3 month rental car travel in Europe


My Endless Summer Europe Bali to Paris from Toyo Hirashima on Vimeo.



created a video clip for canary islands. All edited by iPhone iMovie. カナリア諸島の部分をテスト的にiphoneのimovieで作成してみました。

Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa スリランカ ヒッカドゥア

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