My Endless Summer 俺のエンドレスサマー

About this blog


I decided to go on world surf trip in 2013.

I grew up in mountains in Japan, Hokkaido and did snowboarding a lot when I was young but did not have a chance to do surfing.

My first time surf was at age 25 in California, Redondo beach.

From 2010, I got into surfing more and more,spend most of my weekends on beach, both summer and winter. Then I started making small surf trips to Bali,and all around Japan from Ibaraki to Okinawa,and Ogasawara islands.

Then this world surf trip idea came up and the desire to go on such dream surf trip has been growing inside me. Finally in 2013, the time has come, I quit my job and will go and surf all around the world as I wish.

Thank you for visiting my site! let’s see what’s ahead in this adventure!



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