My Endless Summer 俺のエンドレスサマー

Puert Vallartaで一休み メキシコ 1

The last week of my time in California, it was very good wave with good swell direction. Magic seaweed forecast said it should keep good conditions in next 5 days so I wonder if i should extend my stay in California or not. Then, I decided to move to Mexico as planned because California is kind of my second home and it is easy to come back here anytime from Japan.

I flew from LAX to Houston for connection flight and arrived there 12AM. I thought I could sleep in lounge but actually lounge was closed between 9PM- 5AM. Hotel in airport is way too expensive, Marriott is an only option, so I decided to sleep in the airport. That was the moment, I regret that I left my blankets in rental car.

I checked the internet, The guide to sleeping in Airports  but it says this massage chair is the best spot in this airport. I gave up all my hope after seeing the chair below……


LAXからヒューストンに午前12時過ぎに到着し、スターアライアンス ゴールドメンバーのステータスを活かしてUAラウンジ泊しようと考えていたらなんとラウンジが9PM-5AMで閉まるということが発覚、泊まれるのは空港内にあるマリオットのみ$200 ということで数時間の睡眠のために$200も払いたくなかったのでそのまま空港泊 やっぱり寝袋がほしい

The guide to sleeping in Airports  ラウンジから漏れてくるwifi拾ってこのサイトに行き着きましたが写真のマッサージチェアがベストスポットということで完全に絶望

IMG_8623 IMG_8624

Then I set up a bed by lining up chairs. Be creative!!



But It was really bad, the worst sleep ever….. 🙁  After 5AM, lounge opened, grabbed banana and coffee then slept on the floor of business center…..   I got exhausted as it was very cold in Houston airport at night.

朝5時になったらラウンジに侵入して、軽く朝食をすませてそのままラウンジのビジネスセンターの床で寝ました。 はい、勿論疲れは全くとれないしグッタリでした。これまでで最悪の睡眠経験。


Yay got upgraded to economy plus.. appreciated.



It was provided by Emirate flight from Turkey to Japan, includes eye mask and socks. It really comes in handy for sleeping in car in California and Sleeping in Houston airport.


IMG_8630 IMG_8631

Finally I arrived Puert Vallarta and tried to negotiate with rental car company to get some discount as I did not make reservation. Last year, I got lucky somehow and was able to rent BMW 3 series for $30/day. However, this time is different, not many cars are available as it is high season. So I  had to pick up a smallest car with stick shift for $35/day. I stalled engine 3 times before I arrived hotel. That was my first time driving stick shift in 12 years or so.

ようやくPuert Vallartaについてレンタカーを予約してなかったので交渉開始。昨年来たときは$30/dayくらいで BMW3シリーズ借りれたので、今回もそれくらいのレートでSUVあたり借りれたらいいなと思っていたのですが完全にあてが外れてレンタカーの空きもほとんど無い状態で交渉も余りできない感じで $35/dayくらいで軽自動車をレンタカー そしてマニュアル車


IMG_8635 IMG_8636

As I was exhausted, I thought I was not going to surf in Puert Vallarta. But Javier, a local guy I made friend with last year, called and took me to uncrowded spot, Quimixto. It was a hidden beach accessible only by boat in front of a small villedge.

On that day, it was shoulder to overhead, beautiful left reef break. I ended up surfing 2 times, I could not resist as waves were peeling, weather is tropical, uncrowded, what can you ask for more? It was so much fun.

くたくたになっていたのでプエルトバジャルタでは極力サーフィンしないようにと思っていたのですが、前回来た時に友達になったJavierが良いところに連れてってやるよ というのでサーフすることに。

Qumixto というボートアクセスオンリーのポイントに連れてってもらいました。


肩、頭、セットで1ftオーバーヘッド レフトオンリーのクリーンなブレイクで結局2ラウンド しかし楽しかった。



IMG_8679 IMG_8678 IMG_8677

IMG_8675IMG_8676 IMG_8673


IMGP0359 IMGP0360 IMGP0362

Javier dropped me off at the hotel. But after that, he had a car accident and his pretty beetle turned into this mess.I am glad that he did not get hurt.

しかしJavierは自分を降ろした後事故を起こしてしまい車はこの有様 怪我が無くて良かった

crashed beetle


Except that day, I was mostly just chilling at hotel and reading books.

First 2 days, I stayed at Best Western and it was not that great ” all inclusive hotel” for its pricing.

Then next 2 days, I stayed at Holiday inn Express near airport. It was brand new and did not have many reviews on trip advisor either. It was very clean, quiet and comfortable but not beach front hotel. You have to cross major road and walk through beach-front hotels to get to the beach.



最初の2日間はBest Westernで次の2日はできたばかりのHoliday Inn Expressにとまっていました。Best Westernは正直外れなAll Inclusive hotelだったのでもう使わないかと、Holiday Innはできたばかりでとても綺麗で快適でした、どちらかというとビジネスホテル。またリピートしてもいいかな。

Holiday Inn Express できたばかりでTrip Advisorのレビューもほとんどない。ビーチには面していないものの空港近くで建物は新築なので仕事したい人にはすごく向いていると思います。近くのマリーナまで歩いていけばレストランもたくさんある。

IMG_8717 IMG_8718


IMG_8703 IMG_8704



It is a really touristic place so restaurant is expensive too. 3 tacos and beer for $24.

Next I will move to famous surf town, Sayulita.



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