My Endless Summer 俺のエンドレスサマー

Paris and off to Brussels パリそしてブリュッセルへ


I used United Airline mileage to fly, Thai Airways from Bali to Paris.Luckily no board charge this time.

I spent a night in Bangkok airport for a transit and slept on the airport chair. There were many comfy seats you can lay down in BKK but most of spots was already taken when I arrived there.

今回はユナイテッドのマイレージを使ってパリまで移動することにしました。同じスターアライアンスのタイ航空 ボードチャージが心配でしたが今回はかかりませんでした。(これはスターアライアンスゴールドメンバーだったせいかも。)

バンコクの空港泊でしたが、休憩スペースにある横になれそうなシートやソファーがあったのですがだいたい先客がいて取られてしまっていました。ラウンジにはベッドがあるが0−5時クローズ なので普通に空港の椅子で寝た

Lounge got nice bed but this will be closed in (0-5AM) so I had to sleep on cold chair.


Just arrived in time for Sunrise at Airport in Paris, 日の出と同時にパリに到着IMG_1932.JPG After arriving paris, I was supposed to pick up a rental car at Peugeot Open Europe office in the airport as Peugeot Open Europe Japanese staff send me a brief direction to the office. But it turned out to be a lot of trouble finding it as the office is not on the premises of the Air Port but email sent from japanese staff says it is.

*This rental car company is specialized in long term rental for non-EU citizens. it comes with full cover insurance.

I followed the email, took a terminal train and when I arrived the location there was nothing but big parking lot.

So I asked information center staffs and everybody says different, some says it is in Terminal 1 and the other said it is in Terminal 3 so I went back and forth between terminals.

After a long flight, with 2 heavy surfboards and backpacks, walking around airport for 2 hours was not fun. Finally information center staff told me the right information, I had to make a call to be picked up as the office is not on the premises of the airport. It was 10 minutes drive from the airport. After that, everything went smoothly.

Car pickup itself was quite smooth, just to present my passport and done in 5 minutes. Staff was friendly and explained how to use navigation system. First time driving stick shift since Mexico.





これがこれから6週間 家とマイカーになる予定

This will be my home and ride for next 6 weeks or so. IMG_1963.JPG

As you can see it is a brand new car. ご覧の通り完全な新車です。


Its got sun roof, yay! サンルーフ付


I picked up Peugeot 2008 for this Europe trip as its rear seats can be folded and be completely flat. I plan to sleep in the car most of the time to save money.

I did not make a detailed plan in Europe before arriving so it is kind of a play by ear.

Then, I decided to drive up to Brussels as I completely got surfed out in Bali and wanted to do a bit of sightseeing and try Belugian Beer.

It was 4 hours drive from Paris and managed to find a parking spot close to the town and walked to the bar, had a couple of belgian beer and crashed in the car.

Next, I will drive further north to Amsterdam, Holland.

ヨーロッパにくるまでにきちんと計画はたてていませんでした。なので6週間くらいでポルトガルまでいければいいかな位で適当です。 バリでさんざんサーフィンしてサーフ疲れもしていたので数日観光しようと思い、ブリュッセルをまずは目指す事にしました。ブリュッセルへは車で4時間程度。メキシコ以来の久々のマニュアル運転





Breakfast croissant, very high quality. Even at Gas station there are ovens for croissant and you can have real freshly baked,hot one. クロワッサンとても美味しいガソリンスタンドにもオーブンが置いてあり焼きたて、ホクホクで食べれます。


Gas is very expensive 1 little for 1.1519 Euro= 227yen

ガソリンは高め 1リットル 1.519ユーロ 約227円(ユーロ=150円)


City surfer in Brussels city center  ブリュッセル中心部にて







ブリュッセル中心部のバー ベルギービールはアルコール度数が高く酔っ払いやすかった

Bar at Brussels city center, Belgian Beer was stronger than normal beer and got me drunk.IMG_2018.JPG  Brussels sunsets, ブリュッセルのサンセットIMG_1988.JPG IMG_1975.JPG


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