My Endless Summer 俺のエンドレスサマー

Nightmare in Amsterdam and Peugeot Open Europe 悪夢のアムステルダムとプジョーオープンヨーロッパ

IMG_2004.JPG In Brussels, ブリュッセル中心部

Next morning, I did a bit of sightseeing in the city center area of Brussels and had famous waffle for lunch, then drove up to Amsterdam in the afternoon.

Brussels to Amsterdam is about 3 hours. It was a smooth ride until I hit city center of Amsterdam.

Traffic and parking is terrible in Amsterdam. Road is really winding and narrow like a maze and cyclists stampede drove me crazy. On top of that, I had a really hard time finding parking spot. And it was quite expensive too.So I gave up sleeping in the city center that night and drove off about 30 minutes to highway rest area.I parked right in front of the convenience store and slept over.

Next morning, it was beautiful sunrise in sea of clouds.


ブリュッセルからアムステルダムまでは3時間程度で道路事情もよくスムーズに移動できました。しかしながらアムステルダム中心部に入ると 道路は恐ろしく曲がりくねり、狭い上にパーキングのスペースも無く、ものすごい数の自転車が車道をガンガン横切って来るので運転は相当しづらいです。この時点で車で市内中心部に来た事をかなり後悔しました。


翌日 美しい日の出 雲海の中の日の出はとても神秘的でした。

Sunrise in sea of clouds IMG_2046.JPG




In Amsterdam, this guys does not know what will happen to him later…

This time, I managed to find a parking spot near city center on busy street facing river. Then I walked around the area a bit and found busy restaurant packed with local people.

I had a good lunch and came back to a car to take a nap. Then I noticed that car front door is unlocked……… First thing came up to my mind was “oh shit, I forgot to lock the door” but next moment when opened the rear door, I noticed that my backpack and shoulder bag are gone.

Then, finally I noticed small side window is broken! Yes, someone broke into my car and took those bags including my passport, bankcards, Japanese drivers license, gopro memory card and car spare key.

I looked around to see if they were still around, but of course they are gone ages ago.

I run for police station and got a theft report in 30 minutes, made calls to bank to cancel my card, etc. And then First thing,first I need to get a window fixed as I sleep in car.







「おお、前のフロントガラスの小さい窓の部分が割れている! 盗まれた!」



After activating my iphones international data roaming and calls, I called the assistance center to request car replacement but they told me to get the window fixed first, Luckily, this first operator can speak English fluently so I had no problem explaining the situation and getting factory address.

then I took a note of car glass factory location and drove up there and get a tentative glass for the time being.

As it was make shift glass, it does not look too good as it is covered by duck tape and looks so easy to break in again. I told my concerns to mechanic but he just said, there is no Peugeot glass in this factory now and it would be better to bring a car in to Peugeot factory to get it fixed right.

It already passed 10PM when he finished putting make shift window glasses. I checked Japan embassy location on the internet, it turned out to be in Hergue NOT in Amsterdam.

So I started driving for the direction of Hergu, but I was already exhausted by that time. On the way, I found nice highway hotel and decided to stop and sleep there that night.

On the assumption of that related expenses should be covered by insurance, I stayed that night there. Breakfast was quite nice.

携帯電話の海外ローミングをオンにして、国際電話をかけて銀行のカードを止めたり、大使館の場所を探すなどワタワタとしていたが、何よりもまず車で寝ているので窓がこの状態だと寝る事はおろか走行にも支障があるので、プジョーオープンヨーロッパのアシスタンスセンターに電話して、車を交換してもらおうとするも、オペレーターは「とりあえず窓を直せ」とのこと Car Glassというリペア工場(日本でいうカーコンビニ倶楽部的なもの)のアドレスを伝えられ、工場に急いで向かった。 しかしながらそこで用意してくれたのは一時的な窓ガラス 枠の部分についてはガムテープで押さえてあるという一時的な処置だった。



という返答。とりあえず走行はできる状態になったので、大使館を調べるとなんとアムステルダムにはなく100キロほど南のハーグにいく必要が判明。この時既に夜10時前後、とりあえずハーグ方面に車を走らせるが完全に疲労困憊、ハイウェイホテル(ハイウェイにくっついているホテル)が見えたのでそのままここに宿泊する事に。 保険でカバーされることをひたすら祈りながらチェックイン。

これまでの車中泊とはうってかわって爆睡 翌日のブレックファストは美味しかった。

IMG_2098.JPG IMG_2105.JPG IMG_2104.JPG

Next morning, I drove down to The Hergu and found a japanese embassy and tried to get in but turned away by security guard as it was sunday. Next Monday morning, I went there for the first thing in the morning but they told me to have my social security registration paper sent to Japan Embassy in the Hague from Japan.

It was already night time in Japan that day, so I stayed another night in the Hague and Next morning Thuesday, Finally got a new passport.

But Nightmare was not over yet, To Peugeot Open Europe, I requested a new car instead of getting the make shift window fixed as my car spare key has been stolen which means they can possibly steal the car and it will be a hassle to get the window fixed.

I had to make many calls to assistance center, first operator said “I need to talk with my boss about the request and get back to you” but he never call me back.

Second operator said “sure, given the circumstances, it is possible to change a car, I will call you back for the direction of factory”

but she never called me back.

Third operator said ” no, it is not possible but I will send you the direction by email to the factory to get it fixed”

but he never send me the direction, and I called the assistance center, then other guy told me “he already left the office and he will call you back tomorrow morning.”

but of course he never did….. and this goes on and on………

after spending 2 days for countless calls,I was tired of every different stories each operator tells me so I decided to take the matter into my hands instead of calling assistance center.

First, I thought it would be better to cancel the contract and return a car to the original location as they refuse to change a car even when my spare key has been stolen, and get a normal rental car like HERTZ as they offer much better service.

But they did not let this happen as they told me even if I return a car on day 5 out of 6 weeks, more than 85% will NOT be refunded.

That sounds awful, Therefore I had to give up the option of returning a car back. Then I try to get the situation fixed on my own as assistance center was totally unreliable.

I searched for car glass factory and Peugeot Dealer by the internet and drove down there without appointment and explained the situation. Both They were super-nice and effective, I was able to get the window nicely fixed in the next morning I drove down,it was good as new, and ordered a spare key in Peugeot dealer in Hossegor without a hitch.

And here is the catch, Assistance center told me Spare key will not be covered by their so called “full cover insurance”. I had to pay 300 Euro for that.

However, a guy in dealer was nice enough to offer me a better price ,60 Euro. I had to pay out of pocket as it was not covered by neither car insurance nor travel insurance.

I had to jump through so many hoops before start surfing in Europe as above. Next I will finally start surfing in Hossegor, France.

Restaurant on highway bridge on the way to Hergue    ハーグに行く途中の高速道路の上のレストラン


そして日曜日(事件発生日は土曜日だった)ハーグまで車を走らせダメもとで大使館までいくも 守衛さんに

「今日は日曜日だからやっていない明日 月曜日に来い」と言われ なくなく諦める

翌日月曜日 大使館に行くも戸籍謄本が必要になる旨を伝えられ、この時既に日本は夜で対応不可 結局火曜日にようやく新しいパスポートを手に入れる事ができ一安心。 しかしながら悪夢はここで終わらない、プジョーオープンヨーロッパとの怒濤のやりとりが始まった。







しかしその後メールは無し こんなやりとりが延々と続いていきました。



これには完全に参ってしまいいくら プジョーオープンヨーロッパが嫌いとはいえ諦めて泣く泣く最後まで借りることにしました。

最終的にはアシスタンスセンターに電話しても混乱するだけだったので、自分でCar Glass修理工場とプジョーのディーラーを探して車を持ち込んで状況を説明し対応してもらいました。

両方ともとても素早く親切に対応してもらいました、窓ガラスは持ち込んだ翌日に対応してもらいきちんと修理してもらい、スペアキーはディーラー(フランスのホセゴー)で頼んだところ特別に60ユーロで提供してくれました。(アシスタンスセンターからは300ユーロ 支払い責任がありかつそれは今回のフルカバー車両保険でカバーされないとの返答だった)


In Hergue, It was 100 Euro for this tiny room. I assume that this will be covered by travel insurance この狭い部屋で100ユーロ 保険でカバーされることを祈るのみ


Cheapest option in Hergu was Thai noodle deli, yet cost 14Euro, US$18, 2000 yen. no street food available in town. 街で一番安いタイフードのデリこれで2000円 物価は鬼のように高い


while waiting for my passport to be issued, there is nothing to do so I kept sipping cheap wine all day long. パスポート待ちの間、ひたすらワインを飲んだ。




At Car Glass, watching my car getting fixed. Car Glass(日本のオートバックス的存在)で自分の車を修理しているところをみることができる。

IMG_2199.JPG Finally got new passsport. ついに新しいパスポートゲット!


Came back to Paris and felt relieved. パリに帰ってきてほっとするなど


My Car in Paris IMG_2176.JPG

Skatepark in Paris City Center, beautiful town and skaters co-exist パリの市内中心部にお洒落なスケートパーク 街とスケーターの共存IMG_2208.JPG



Paris No1 Ramen Noodle Naritake,  パリ ナンバー1ラーメンとの呼び声高い なりたけ 見た目は悪いが、こってり味で美味しい



Gyoza Bar in Paris, crispy at skins and juicy inside dumplings and, fine special belgian beer that is a collaboration of Japanese beer craft man and belgian beer brewery.

パリのGyoza Bar 皮がパリパリで美味しかった。ビールはベルギーの醸造所で日本人の方が作っているビールらしいとても美味しかった。




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