My Endless Summer 俺のエンドレスサマー

Back in Uluwatu and off to Paris ウルワツそしてパリへ

After Changuu chilling, I came back to Uluwatu to surf final swell while my stay in Bali.

As expected, It turned out to be the best session during my time in Uluwatu, some sets are scary big 8ft +. On that day, at the begging, it was 2-3ft so many people were in the water but it got big later on. Many people washed away by big sets and could not make it back to the cave where surfers should go out from and come in.

チャングーでまったりしたあとカルロス達に別れを告げ、自分は一人でウルワツに戻りました。今回の滞在中にくる最後のスエルをサーフするためです。最後5日間 ウルワツで過ごしましたが、予想通り素晴らしいセッションでした。時に8ft−10ftのセットが入って来たときは腰が抜けるほど恐ろしかった。





My favorite Boardshorts bought in Mexico got ripped by Uluwatu reef.



On last 2 days, I came back to Kuta Reef to run errands and do shopping for Europe Trip such as clothes, etc.
そして最後の2日はバリクタリーフに戻ってサーフ、 フランスに向けて秋冬の服をアウトレットモールなので買い物して寒い気候に備えます。


bumped into Lilly before leaving Bali リリィと偶然再会


I ended up staying bali for 2 month, 2014 August was super-croweded as it is Aussie holiday and windy(too strong off-shore). In September, it was more stable condition with mild wind and a bit less crowded.

I also sold my Whiplash X Taj 6.2 and bought Whiplash X Taj 6.0 instead as 6.2 was 28+ litter volume and it was bit too much float for me so I decided to go with whiplash X Taj 6.0 which is about 26 littler. I am going to do a test ride in Europe.




以前買ったwhiplash X Taj 6.2を売り払って whiplash X Taj 6.0を購入しました。自分には28リットル はかなりオーバーフロートでした浮力がありすぎた。なので26リットルのwhiplash X Taj 6.0に乗り換えます。ヨーロッパでテストライド予定。



さて次はいよいよヨーロッパ! これまでの常夏、海パンサーフからウェットへ とてもワクワク!

Next, Drive and Surf Around Europe! Cold water is waiting for me! Time to change Boardshorts to wetsuit!

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