My Endless Summer 俺のエンドレスサマー

Drive across Mexico, Guajarahara メキシコ周遊スタート グアダラハラで夜遊び メキシコ 4

Finally I rented a Jeep and left Sayulita and headed to Guajarahara.
I wanted to check out Guajahara before heading to Pascuales. And Canadian girl, Isabel hopped on my car as she was going to Guajarahara that day too.

And I bought this nice billabong jacket in Sayulita before leaving. I did not know at that time that this jacket would save me later in this trip. I liked this orange logo and design. It was about US$150, quite expensive for me yet right choice. I was wearing this all the time while surfing in Sayulita.

ようやくですが、ジープをレンタルしSayulitaを離れてGuajaraharaに向かいました。 最初はいきなりパスクアレスに行くつもりだったのですが、グアダラハラをチェックしてく事に。そして直前にカナダ人のイサベルちゃんがグアダラハラに行きたいという事だったので一緒に行く事に。


IMG_9148 IMG_9149

As I heard mainland mexico is not safe like sayulita, I was bit nervous at the begging but it turned out to be totally okay to drive around during day time. Road was very good pavement but toll was not cheap, it was around $30-40 one way. In Guajarahara, We partied hard 2 nights in row.


Guadarajaraでは2泊してパーティ2連パツ 疲れました。

Hostel we stayed in グアダラハラで宿泊したホステル  Tequila Hostel
I highly recommend this hostel. Staffs were very friendly, and hostel was very clean. You can park inside the gate so you do not have to worry about it at night.
スタッフも親切で施設も綺麗なのでお勧めです。そしてゲートの中に車を駐車できるので安心! こんな感じです。






Party at hostel ホステルでのパーティ

IMG_9214 IMG_9216
Night club in the city center, I do not remember the name of the club.

Night club 2 blocks away from the hostel, Tequila
Hostel Tequilaから2ブロック程度の距離にあるクラブ

Children in shade waiting for dad working as street vendor.

My partner in crime in Mexico, Jeep Patriot. It turned out to be 2WD but most of the time, I had no problem.
今回の相棒はJEEP PATRIOT  4WDじゃ実はないんですが、ほとんどの場所で問題ありませんでした。


Next, I will head to Pascuales, one of the most dangerous surf break in Mexico.
そして、いよいよメキシコ で最も恐れられているポイントのひとつパスクアレスに向かいます!

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